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Joker CH ALADARS SOMETHING WILD-"Joker" is a 13" male that finished at 13 months of age. He was Best 13" in Sweepstakes and BOW at the National Beagle Club supported entry of Mantee Kennel Club 1/01 and . He was also been awarded three group placements by his first birthday. Joker made the final cut (group of 4) 13" male specials at the 2001 NBC Nationals. He has many more group placements and was invited as #13 to the AKC Eukanuba American Dog Classic Invitational in Orlando December 2001. Joker was awarded BEST BRED-BY EXHIBITOR AND ALSO AND AWARD OF MERIT!! Joker was again invited to the AKC Classic as one of the top 25 13 inch beagles in December of 2002. He won BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX AND BEST BRED BY EXHIBITOR AGAIN!! Joker if OFA-GOOD and Thyroid -Normal, Eyes Cerf'd.. He is 12 1/4 tall and thinks he is something special-and he is! Joker now lives with Judy Bryte; I get reports of how perfect he is weekly. He was an ultimate bed dog and loved sleeping under the covers. Joker lost his battle with cancer at the age of 15 (just two months before his 16th birthday in 2015. RIP My sweet boy! Your second human momma, Judy and I will miss you deeply.


Happy CH ALADARS SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS-"Happy" is a 15 inch litter mate to Joker. He is the third champion from this litter. He has a beautiful head and lovely neck. He is a deep red with dark eyes and nice bone.An overall nicely balanced male. OFA- Fair, Thyroid-Normal, Eyes- Cerf'd. Happy was loved in his retirement year by Gary and Sue Harbin. Happy lost his battle with Bladder Cancer and is missed greatly by his family. (Deceased)

Rowdy CH USEAY ALADARS RAVE REVIEW-"Rowdy" is a 13" that is a litter mate to CH Useay AlaDars Critics Choice. She was owned by JK Marten and Dana K. Nichols. Rowdy was shown in her younger years and only needed a major to finish. She spent a few years traveling with her owners and returned to the show ring at the age of 6 to complete her title. Rowdy was a Honorary Fire Department Captain with three Search and Rescues to her credit. She was bred by Lee Seay and Aladar Beagles. (Deceased)