Gallery of Champions


CH AlaDars LongLakes Just Mischievous CH AlaDars Just Command'N CH AlaDars Just Enchant'N CH AlaDars Just Bewitch'N
CH AlaDars Days of Thunder CH AlaDars Socialite CH Useay AlaDars Curtain Call Useay AlaDars Piano Man
CH AlaDars Magic Show CH Useay AlaDars Critics Choice CH Useay AlaDars Cover Girl CH LongLakes Leap'N and Laugh'N
CH AlaDars Sandwitch CH Shiloh AlaDars Prize Patrol CH Useay AlaDars UpTown Girl
CH AlaDars Summer Serenade CH AlaDars Simply Outrageous CH Useay AlaDars Pretty Woman
CH AlaDars Angel Fire CH AlaDars Something N' Red CH Useay AlaDars The Gambler
CH AlaDars Something Wild CH Useay AlaDars Rave Review CH AlaDars Something Debonaire
CH AlaDars Something Outrageous CH AlaDar SomethingRoyal CH Useay AlaDars Good Golly Ms Molly
CH Perky's Takin'A BreakCH Aladars Just Idolize'N CH Useay Aladars Take It Easy

Critics Choice

CH USEAY ALADARS CRITICS CHOICE "Sweetie" was a group winning, multiple group placing 13 inch beagle that has been a joy to breed, own and show. She loved to be the center of attention and many judges comment on how "She just tells you she is the one." March of 1999 she won the BOV 13" at the San Jacinto Beagle Specialty. (1994-2008)

CH ALADARS SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS "Brat" is one of four "13" champions from "Baby's last litter. She finished with back to back 4 point majors. Brat was always to be very black and lived up to her name everyday. (1998-2014)

CH ALADARS SOCIALITE "Gidget" is the first champion from "Baby's" last litter. She is a "13" and has a body that is solid and movement true coming and going. (1998-2010)