(Please think about theses statistics before breeding your pet.!!!!!!)

"We allow almost ten times more cats and dogs to be born than there
are homes to take them in. The result is a death sentence for
millions." "You may be unaware of one of our nations most tragic animal problems

 Pet Overpopulation
The scope of the problem both in terms of numbers and sheer suffering
is awesome. As many as 18 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are
put to death in pounds and shelters each year. There are simply not
enough homes to go around. Many more abandoned pets die painfully in
the streets by traffic accidents, poisoning, exposure, starvation and
disease. The fact is, of all the dogs and cats born each year, only a
small percentage will end up in good, permanent homes. By allowing
your pet to reproduce, unwittingly or not, you have added to the suffering.
Even if you find homes for your pet's litter - remember - shelter
animals are competing with your animals for the precious few homes
that are available....  Don't be responsible
for more suffering and needless death. Have your pet spayed or
neutered. We can provide information on low-cost spay/neuter
availability if necessary.
Alliance for Animals, P.O.Box 909, Boston, MA (617) 265-7577"