(Show potential)


The purpose of this contract is to describe to the Buyer what safeguards and guarantees can be expected from an ethical breeder, demonstrate the integrity if the breeder and protect the interests of both Breeder and Buyer.

This is a legal and binding contract entered into by _______________(seller/breeder), and herein after known as the BREEDER, and ________________________(Buyer), herein after known as the BUYER. Failure to comply with this contract could result in litigation between Breeder and Buyer in the Breeder's state and county. Reasonable legal fees, court cost and other expenses will be borne by the Buyer should the Buyer be found in breach of contract. Name:______________________ DOB________________ Dam:_______________________ Sire____________________ AKC #_______________________________ Color:________ Sex:___

And is as much as the Buyer wishes to purchase the Beagle described above for the sum of $____________ dollars-terms agreed upon by the Breeder and Buyer, under the following warranties and conditions, with no other warranties and conditions expressed or implied.

1. Breeder guarantees the above described dog in to in good health. The Buyer agrees to take this dog to a licensed veterinarian of his choice within four days of delivery for a health check. The animal may for any reason be returned to the BREEDER within four days of the time of purchase and the BREEDER will refund to BUYER the full amount (less $100.00 deposit) of the purchase price. Buyer will assume full responsibility for the health, anatomical makeup, appearance, and temperament of the above described animal following said four- day period.

2. Breeder guarantees that the above described dog is a purebred Beagle registerable with the American Kennel Club, and that a registration application will be given to the Buyer as of the date full payment is received or as soon as litter registration is received from AKC, whichever is later, together will a true copy of its pedigree.

3. The BREEDER is willing to give advice to the BUYER in any matter concerning the well-being of the dog.

4. The Beagle described herein is sold as show potential/breeding quality Beagle. In the event any of the following faults are present before two years of age, the BREEDER agrees to replace this puppy with one of similar quality from the next available litter OR refund $_____(a reduction to the cost of a pet quality dog) to the buyer: (a) monorchidism (b) cryptorchisdism (c) epilepsy (d) hypothyroidism (e) hip dysplasia. 5. Any hereditary/genetic problems that are encountered within the first three years of the above described animal that is severed enough that the dog must be put to sleep, the BREEDER will replace this puppy with one of like quality from the next available litter the BREEDER has or will refund the purchase price at the BREEDER's discretion.

6. Buyer agrees to take proper safeguards for the care and safety of the Beagle sold herein, including but not limited to necessary food, veterinary care, and general care to maintain good and proper health, proper shelter, and adequate exercise. It is REQUIRED that the Buyer have a securely fenced yard, attached to the Buyer's house, which is adequate for proper exercise. This dog will be allowed in the house and will be considered a "house pet". This dog will not be allowed to roam . This dog will not be chained or tied as a routine method of restraint or confinement. Buyer will not transport this dog in an unenclosed (open) back of a pick-up or any similar vehicle or manner.

7. BUYER may never use the Beagle described herein for hunting purposes.

8. Should the BUYER decide at any time to sell, give away or otherwise dispose of the Beagle described herein, the BREEDER will have first right of purchase at a price not to exceed the BUYER's original purchase price (less the $100.00 deposit) and the BUYER agrees to furnish BREEDER with the signed AKC registration paper showing transfer of ownership back to the BREEDER. All agreements contained in this contract shall also apply to subsequent owners and must be detailed in writing to the subsequent owner(s).

9. Obligations of the BREEDER set forth in this agreement will cease under the following conditions: (a) Traumatic injury, (b) abuse and/or neglect.

10. The Beagle which has been purchased herein must bear the kennel name AlaDar as the FIRST name in its AKC registered name.

11. It is stipulated by and between the parties that the BUYER's failure to comply with the conditions of this agreement can result in the dog's being returned permanently to the BREEDER without refund, in which case the BUYER agrees to furnish the BREEDER with the signed AKC registration paper showing the transfer of ownership back to the BREEDER.

12. The beagle puppy described herein is sold as a "show prospect". Should he/she develop as anticipated, the BUYER agrees to show this dog to its AKC championship. The BUYER agrees to learn to show the dog, to train the dog for showing, and to keep the dog in condition for showing. If the BUYER decides to obtain the services of a professional handler to show this dog, the BUYER will consult with the BREEDER for approval of a handler, if time permits.

13. Any amendments to this agreement must be set mutually acceptable to the BREEDER and the BUYER and must be in writing.

*all contracts are individualized for each beagle, stipulations maybe added or deleted