Common Sense Safety Precautions

The last thing a breeder or owner wants is to lose or have an dog injured. There are a few simple steps that can be done to help prevent that from occurring.

Is your power,water, or gas meter inside your fence?

The gate may be accidently left open, or a puppy could sneak out while the meter reader is in your yard.Check into mailing your reading in-this is what I have to do and it works well. As long as YOU remember to read the meters!!!

Drive Right on In

If you must open your gate to drive in, always catch your dog and put him up safely. Do not expect a dog or puppy to not run out the gate or run towards the car. Educate friends and family to not "just open the gate" and drive in, always check for the dog and if possible park outside the gate until the dog is secured and safe

Where is your garbage picked up?

Again, if the can is inside your fence your dog could get out. Start taking the garbage to the curb.

Moving anytime soon?

Moving is hectic and gates and doors can be left open. Board your dog while packing/loading or if crate trained, crate your dog and walk on a leash. I really encourage boarding because many dogs will get upset at all the strangers coming in and out of their house!! I made this suggestion to a friend whom owns two of my beagles. She would not consider boarding her babies!! Well, a frantic call from her and "the movers left the gate open" told me everything I needed to know. Luckily, both beagles were found shortly a few blocks away. The ending could have been tragic.Lesson learned-when she moved a year later-the dogs were boarded.

Would you like to have a pool party?

If you have a pool, treat your dog just like a child. You should either teach him how to get out or make sure your dog cannot get in unsupervised. There have been too many dogs drown in pools. If your pool has steps, teach your dog to swim to the steps. Start slowly by easing the dog in and swimming with him to the steps. Eventually have the dog swim from the far side of the pool to the steps. I have someone lower the dog in and I swim with the dog, supporting him and saying "go". As the dog learns to swim the right direction towards the steps, I call crazily from the steps. And then praise, praise, and "Goooood Boy"!! Of Course!

If you do not have steps in your pool and just a ladder. Do not let the dog near the pool unsupervised. The dog can fall in and unable to get out, drown. Especially, small dogs like beagles.

ID Please

Always have some form of ID on your dog. Collar with tag (never a choke collar),tattoo, or microchiping are all good suggestions. All three would be great.Talk with your vet about tattooing and microchiping and make sure the tag is up to date.

Charge It Please-NOT!!

Dogs will chew. Do not leave power cords within easy reach of a curious mouth. Puppies are like babies, everything goes to their mouth. Is your A/C unit or Pool filter unit in the yard with the dog? Dogs will chew the lines and hoses. Prevention is the best option. Maybe a decorative lattice type fence around those units??

Let's Celebrate

New Year's eve and the Fourth of July are nights whan many dogs are frighten and try to escape from those awful sounds. Please crate you dog or just bring the dog in the house to prevent it from becoming terrified by fireworks. You never know when one from the next door neighbor might accidentally come into your yard and explode near your dog. A family moved in near me a few days before New Year's and on New Year's eve their dog escaped. The fireworks in this area were trememdous and I do not know if that cause the dog to panic. I only know to the best of my knowledge, the dog was never found.

Healthy, Happy, Loved and Safe-this is what a dog's life should be.

Author--Ruth Darlene Stewart.