There are many agencies that register beagles in the USA.� When buying a beagle you want to ask which agency or kennel club the beagle is registered with and always look for AKC registered beagles.� Now we all know that even AKC registered dogs are only as good as the ethics behind the breeder, but there are reasons to still buy AKC.

AKC is the most recognized agency in the USA, they do have strict rules and with registration papers you can trace the background of your beagles for generation.� AKC does and will inspect breeders and if they find discrepancies in their paperwork and records, AKC� will suspend that breeders right to register any dogs.� There are reasons why breeders turn to other agencies such as� indiscriminate breedings, mixed breedings, records lost or not completed correctly, etc.

Often these same breeders will turn to one of the other agencies in the USA that are not as strict and register their beagles with that organization.� Some of these organizations also promote cross breeding and will register just about any dog for $$.� Statements have been� made that since AKC is getting strict with puppy mills; that the puppy millers are banding together to form their own registering agency.

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If a beagle on is registered with another kennel club besides AKC-ask why.� Most of the events you see on TV are AKC events.� Many of the other kennel clubs ARE NOT recognized by AKC and for good reasons .

I strongly urge you to consider a rescue beagle or visit your local SPCA or animal shelter and adopt a needy dog/puppy. But if you are going to spend your hard earned money, buy AKC.�� Don't settle for less.

Author-Ruth Darlene Stewart