doggy toothpaste.  Your vet will check your Beagle's teeth at the annual check-up and on occasion recommend a  general cleaning.  This cleaning will be ultrasonic and require general anesthesia.  Good routine preventative cleaning will help space out the need for the detailed cleaning.

NAILS:  This is probably the hardest thing to do with some Beagles.  Most Beagles HATE this being done-giving up control of their paws is like trapping an animal.  All my dogs have their nails trimmed once a week.  Start with one nail, trim it and give a small piece of a treat. Gradually, work up to a treat every third of fourth nail.  All my dogs are trained in this manner and some still dislike the procedure-they only tolerate it because I do not give them any other option.  Dog toenails have a quick just like humans.  Look for a pink area in the white nails or a gray area in the black nails, this is the quick.  Cut just below this area when trimming.  If you accidentally cut to close to the quick you may see a little bleeding from the nail (after your ears have stopped ringing from the HORRIBLE MORTALLY WOUNDED sound your Beagle emits).  Do not worry, you have not hurt your fragile little animal; hold pressure to the end of the nail or apply stypic powder to the end and everything will be fine.  I must warn you though that your Beagle WILL remember this the next time you pick up the nail clippers.  Constant firm  reenforcement that you are going to cut nails will ultimately make this task easier.  I have some Beagles that do not mind having their nails cut, but they are the rarity.  When you first start I recommend that you have someone help you hold while you trim,  Resco trimmers are the kind I use and replacement blades may be obtained.  You may also grind you Beagle's nail with a grinder.  Be careful to apply a light touch and not let the grinder sit to long over an area of the toenail.  I use a portable battery-powered grinder to shape the nails after they are trimmed. This helps to take the sharp edges of the toenails. Oster or Dremel makes a good hand held grinder. Try cutting toenails and cleaning teeth with the Beagle on their side.  If you have a table or platform about waist level to put you Beagle on, this will save your back greatly.  I also recommend padding the table with a thick towel or pillow for your Beagles's comfort.

HOUSE BREAKING---ONE OF THE MOST CHALLENGING TASKS!!! Beagles are somewhat difficult to house train. Crate training is an absolute requirement to achieve this goal. Hopefully, the breeder has already started crate training or paper training your most wonderful puppy. When you get home place the crate in a quiet place and allow the puppy to adjust to its new home. Basic house training consist of frequent trips outside ( about once and hour), always provide potty breaks after a puppy eats, and if the puppy has been in its crate, always take it outside to relieve itself before allowing it to romp and stomp in the house. Puppies generally become somewhat reliable by 6 months of age. Please remember that a puppy that has an accident will not understand why you are scolding it for something done 5 or 10 minutes ago.

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