Comments and suggestions below are solely the personal opinion of the author. Products mentioned in this manual have equal and reliable competitors in the marketplace. This manual was created strictly as suggestions for care of puppies by their owners and should in no way replace the expert advice of your veterinarian.

DIET: A high quality dog food. Examples are Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Iams, to name a few. If you wish to change food, please do so over 7 days to avoid stomach and intestinal upset.

1. Your puppy should be fed 3 meals a day up until 16 weeks of age and then twice daily until about 1 year of age.
2. Feed your puppy at the same time every day or as close as you can. Give the food to the puppy in his crate and allow about 15-20 minutes -alone and undisturbed - to eat it. Then pick up what is left-if any. This method will help to prevent a picky eater, and stabilize bowel habits. You will also notice a change in eating habits, in case your puppy becomes ill and be able to tell your vet exactly when the change occurred . DO NOT FREE FEED. You will have an obese Beagle and a picky eater. PICKY EATERS ARE MADE NOT BORNE.
3. Do not feed cooked chicken bones at anytime. Table food (rice, vegetables, broth, potatoes) may be given OCCASIONALLY with a meal as treats, but do not substitute as regular feeding.
4. Do not over feed the puppy, but a pleasingly plump puppy that becomes ill will fare better than a thin one.
(unless in crate- This will be discussed further in this manual.)

VACCINATIONS: A listing of vaccinations that your puppy has already received and the future ones needed should be supplied from the breeder at time of purchase. Core vaccinations will be required after the initial series are completed. Follow your veterinarian's advice and guidance on this matter.

HEARTWORM PREVENTION: I recommend INTERCEPTOR a once month pill. This MUST be given every month through out the year. I give heartworm preventative on the 1st. of each month -it is easier to remember on an exact date. Interceptor must be obtained from you vet and comes in a six months supply. Another product of that can be used for this purpose is HEARTGUARD-PLUS.

FLEAS: A product on the market is works well for me. It is called Frontline Plus and with it you will not have fleas. It is a liquid that you apply to your dog' back and it is collected in the oil glands of the skin. As the oil is secreted on the hair and the fleas run through the hair they are killed. I have not had problems with bringing fleas home from shows, walks, or visiting other homes, with this product. My experience has proven to need application of Frontline about once a months. Try it - I firmly believe you will swear by it also.
Another product called Advantage is also good but it washes off easier.

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