AlaDar Beagles

For The Love of Dogs

Dogs and all animals can bring many wonderful experiences into our lives. The next few pages are a celebration of those gifts and moments that animals and especially dogs give to mankind. It is our duty to love them back as deeply as they love us. The journey of a dog's life with ours is only a short one for the dog. We in our lifetime will have the opportunity to own and love many dogs-each one special in it's own way. The loss of a dog or any beloved pet is a time for grief. These next few pages are created with the love I have received over the many years. So please laugh with me, cry with me, and most of all love your dog. Their time with us is short-so treasure it dearly.

You Can't Just Own One!
Funny Fuzzies and Quotes
For The Memories
No Questions Asked ( a poem about dogs)
Wise Dog Proverbs
Doggy Dictionary
The Old Ones--A Poem About The Older Beagle
Beagles With Thumbprints of The Gods
Emotions and Death of a Dog
A Puppy's Bedtime Prayer
Sleeping With A Dog-Rules of Conduct
The Retired Show Dog