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I have discussed with AKC the need for clarification of questions concerning measuring and about conflicting instructions I and others have received as provisional judges. Here is an synopsis of the answers as pertains to all breed shows.

AKC encourages judges to call for the wicket after they have deteremined that a measurement is needed; instead of automatically taking a wicket to their ring. The judge may continue with that class while waiting for the wicket to be brought to the ring.

A judge can measure an entry at any time during a class, as long as they have not marked the judges book. The measurement does NOT have to be done upon initial examination in that class.

Wickets must met AKC requirements as stated in the Rules Applying To Dog Shows. Approved wickets are considered correct if set correctly. Measuring with a metal tape is discussed in the Guidelines For Judges . Measuring of the AKC wicket with a metal tape is only done once during a class. It does NOT have to be measured for every entry of each class. The exhibitor should always be asked if they want to examine the wicket to visually check the setting. If the wicket is reset ( i.e. for a different height requirement) then it should be remeasured.

An exhibitor may ask for other dogs to be measured. They must give you armband numbers, and be in the class competing with the dogs they are requesting to be measured. An exhibitor cannot make a blanket statement..."measure the whole class". Technically, they can give you every armband number so the whole class would be measured. The request must be done before each dog is individually examined and gaited.

The next pages will give an more in-depth overview of measuring with respect to beagles. I encourage every judge and exhibitor to become comfortable with measuring.