Awesome job, it is well thought out, understandable, and thorough.--Eddie Dzuik, Lanbur Beagles

The CD on Beagles is absolutely sensational.   You have covered all aspects in an understandable manner.....I can' think of any better info I have received on the breed.    ....It is so worthwhile it definitely belongs on my reference shelf.  ---Barbara Langlois, AKC Judge

The CD is an in-depth analysis of the AKC standard. I found it to be very interesting and informative.   I highly recommend this CD to everyone in the breed. To the new comer, it will really answer many of the questions that you have regarding structure and movement. In fact, I would recommend it to any breeder who is selling someone their first show dog. I wish that I had the CD when I first started in this sport. It would have helped to answer many questions that have taken me a couple of years to understand and grasp.---Laura Law, Beagle Exhibitor

Thanks for the great CD. It is well done and we certainly enjoyed it. It is a good learning tool for anyone and will be especially valuable to new beaglers and prospective judges. If widely used it will bring uniformity to the judging seminars. Good Job!!!--Peggy and John Shaw- Shaw's Beagles

WOW -Sharon Clark - SwanLake Beagles

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