Feeding Your Beagle

Regardless of who you ask, everyone has their own "master plan" for feeding their Beagle. Many advocate additions of raw items - both vegetable matter or meat - others swear by vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. Lots of folks with one dog will cook especially for the dog. ( I gotta admire those who cook for their dogs...I barely cook for myself!) However, the majority of dog owners feed commercial kibble and I count myself among them.

Since most dog owners are simply looking for a great companion, I think some breeders forget to take this into account when they plan a litter. If I had a dog who had some digestive problems or allergies to certain foods, I would not breed that dog! I operate on the theory that everything is inherited and if a dog cannot tolerate commercial kibble, then don't pass on those genes...I don't care what the dog looks like. Give me a dog with a "cast iron" stomach any day! I expect my dogs to thrive on what is available at the store because that's what the average pet owner has available to them. I feed Purina, Pedigree, Iams, or Diamond brand dog food..

That said, I must add that I do "clean out the refrigerator" and give them added "treats" - vegetables, rice, beef juice, home made soup, and grits - from time to time...everybody loves variety now and then. :-) My dogs are no exception and if you've read my site, then you know my dogs do tend to add variety to their diets whenever the opportunity rises!

Beagles, as a breed, tend to always be hungry. Many owners believe their dog is hungry and feed beyond what they should - this despite the evidence seen with their eyes...ie, a walking basketball disguised as a dog. ( I never feed the recommended amount on the back of a bag of dog food...it's way too much for the normal Beagle.) I feed approximately 1 -2 cups of food daily. Try and feel your beagle's ribs---??? If you can't easily then DIET TIME!! By the way, I too give into the pleading eyes. My old retired gang tends to be pudgy. Come to think of it, so am I.

When I do have to put one of my beagles on a diet I use green beans. I mix 1 cup of green beans and cut their normal ration of food in half. I do supplement with vitamins during the diet- try- Pet Tabs Plus. When we humans go on a diet we eat more salads and roughage. This is basically the same principle as the "green bean" diet.

Authored and contributed by Sandra Fikes-Kalahari Ridgebacks. Edited for beagles by Ruth Darlene Stewart.