Bill and I visited the local animal shelter to see if there was any dogs that I might could foster.  I have to be careful since I have to first consider my own dogs.  I usually try to get puppies or younger dogs to fosterWe found only older dogs and none that I felt would work in well with my beagles.  During the visit there was an older male chihuahua but he acted to dominant.  After we left Bill said "I want a Chichi".  This from a man that was terrorized by a chihuahua when he was a child.    Over the next few days he continued to repeat this, I think as a joke. 

A week before Halloween we went to a birthday party for his great nephew.  We were gone about 2 1/2 hours.  It was dark when we pulled into our drive way, but there was a unmistakeable white fluffy thing running in our front yard.  Our front yard is totally fenced, so this white dog had to get in or be put in our yard.

I opened the gate and the white dog flew to the corner of the yard in terror.  After parking the car, Bill and I proceeded to spend over an hour trying to catch this white fuzzy CHIHUAHUA!!  We tried to be calm and gentle but finally had to use an x-pen to corner him and get him in a crate.  He screamed the entire time.  He was terrified but at no time did he act as if he could get out of the yard.BOO

Within a hour of catching him, he was starting to take food out of my hand.  Slowly he started to trust us and by the next morning he was relaxed and starting to play.  He was clean, white, no fleas, and had long toenails.

I named him Boo, since he looked like a ghost with his white fur and black eyes.  Of course no one claimed him from the "Found" ads and he did not have a microchip.  Someone specifically put him in our yard.  I would love to know  why.???

Boo was totally healthy but needed neutering.  I did find him a home after his neuter but that home back out.  My husband continued to say he wanted a  "ChiChi" and Boo was sent for him.  So Boo is staying.  He is a wonderful bed dog,  great in the house , and is Freeway Freida's best buddy.    I told my husband to wish for a MILLION DOLLARS next...maybe he will get that wish also!!  LOL.  October 2007
UPDATE MAY 6, 2023. Boo crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a beloved pet and we will miss him.