The day after a bath or exercise in the cold rain you notice that your beagle is not holding his tail correctly.   The first half seems fine but the top portion seems numb and limp.  Your beagle acts like it is in pain and you fear the tail is broken.    Probably not....the is a problem know as COLD TAIL, LIMP TAIL, RETRIEVER TAIL, OR BEAGLE TAIL.

It is documented in many hunting breeds and in beagles.  Usually with a few days rest the tail returns to normal and it may never occur again. One study by Janet E. Steiss, DVM, Ph.D., and J.C. Wright, DVM, Ph.D., researchers at  Auburn University, noted that there was elevated muscle enzyme that is associated with muscle damage during an acute phase of this problem.  While there is not evidence to pinpoint the exact cause of this problem, usually a few days of anti-inflammatory medication will shorten the duration of the problem.  You can read about this problem in Andrew Brace's book--BEAGLES TODAY.

Prevention methods would include:

Here is a link to an article concerning this problem:
Cold Water Tail, Limber Tail Syndrome in Dogs